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Decision Options ® Certfication (DoC)

Decision Options Certification (DoC) is created to provide a benchmark of competence for the practice of decision options in the selection, design, portfolio management and transaction decisions under uncertainty and decision-flexibility. Building on established theories such as Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Options Pricing Theory (OPT), Decision Options substantially expands the applicability of financial and economic principles in business decisions.

Whether you are a financial analyst, decision-maker or portfolio manager in operating companies or financial services, DoC will assure comprehensive understanding of how uncertainty and flexibility affect economic value, risk and potential and how they ultimately influence every decision made inside and outside companies by managers and investors. It is the first certification that targets private markets - that include private companies, technologies, products, processes, intellectual property and other such valuable real assets. The value of these assets far exceeds the financial components of companies and thus they have a disproportionate level of importance on investment decisions. However, most of corporate finance today focuses on the small part of the asset base, namely financial assets, which are largely irrelevant for innovation driven companies.

DoC is designed to make corporate finance relevant for today and tomorrow. With decision options tools and methodologies, analysts and decision-makers in private markets and operating companies can achieve significant value by better and timely decisions internally and externally.

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