Decision Options : The Art & Science of Making Decisions -- Although uncertainty and flexibility are important attributes that drive the value of an investment, they are seldom systematically considered in traditional financial analysis. Through theory and case studies, Decision Options: The Art and Science of Making Decisions details how uncertainty and flexibility can be evaluated to assist in making better investment decisions in companies. 

Flexibility : Flexible Companies for the Uncertain World --  We are in an era of high volatility and uncertain outcomes, driven by accelerating technologies, shortened product cycles, fast-changing information, an increasingly mobile workforce, more demanding customers, complex financial markets, ad-hoc public policies, and many other factors that add layers of uncertainty to all future possibilities. While most believe that good management requires better prediction of the future and better planning, Gill Eapen instead contends that the best way to manage effectively in an uncertain world is through the conscious application of flexibility — an ability to absorb constantly shifting variables and adapt quickly. 

Scientific Sense --  This book is a compilation of entries from the blog entitled Scientific Sense, written and maintained by me, Gill Eapen, from 2008 to 2012. They fall in the general areas of Science, Economics and Policy. These writings contain a set of ideas, opinions and speculation based on my own beliefs. I am an agnostic, have no political affiliations and support a global community. I challenge the status quo in every field and do not accept anything as a given. I evoke the history of humans, a stagnant present and speculate on the necessary direction for future progress. I hope my readers, from over 140 countries, will take these views as stepping-stones to propel new thoughts and debates. 

Decisions under Uncertainty and Flexibility








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