Examples of Training Packages

1. Life Sciences - Products/processes - Valuation: This course focuses on the theory and practice of the valuation of products and processes in life sciences companies. This is useful for decision-makers and analysts inside companies as well as external investors dealing with valuation questions for the selection and design of products and processes.

2. Energy - Portfolio Management - Risk Management: This course focuses on the portfolio management of diverse energy assets to manage risk through creative hedging programs to maximize the value of a firm. This is useful for private equity investors as well as managers trying to maximize their portfolio through a variety of investment decisions.

3. Financial Services - Transactions - Decision-Making : This course is useful for private equity and venture capital professionals as well as entrepreneurs involved in buying and selling private assets and intellectual property. It includes the valuation of private companies as well as deal structuring with complex contractual features. Also included are case studies from Mergers & Acquisitions, spin-offs and carve -outs.

Customizable training for every need

The primary goal of Decision Options, LLC has been improving the decision-making capabilities of managers, dealing with uncertainty and flexibility in information rich and innovation driven industries such as life sciences, energy, manufacturing (hi-technology, aerospace, consumer goods..) and financial services (private equity, venture capital, investment banking, legal services..). As such, we have designed a highly flexible and customizable training curriculum that can be adapted to every need of growing organizations in virtually any industry. Our training focuses on valuation, decision-making and risk management – important attributes of enhancing shareholder value. 


Each Module - A combination of a Vertical, Horizontal and Focus can be conducted as a single day course. Companies can custom design their programs by selecting modules as a combination of the three attributes shown to extract maximum value.

A minium of one module and a maximum of 4 modules can be used to design a program. Programs in excess of three modules can also incorporate a certification exam at the end. 

Please allow 2 weeks lead time for the preparation of materials and logistics. The hosting organization is expected to provide training classes with overhead projector and computers for all participants. PC based computers running EXCEL is the only requirement. Decision Options Technology will be loaded on participant computers during the length of the course. Successful candidates can license the software at a reduced price. Please see the software area for more information.

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