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1985: Intelligent agent for optimizing the design of industrial buildings given the requirements and specifications by random search of the design space using IBM 370 (Indian Institute of Technology)
1986: Artificial Intelligence application in graduate school engineering education to accelerate design intuition of emerging students by computer interaction using the first IBM PC (Northwestern Univ.)
1988: Automated creation of adaptive mesh for finite element analysis of aircrafts, automobiles and nuclear power plants for rapid failure analysis of equipment and components (Heavy Equipment)
1990: Prediction of treatment intensity for patients to leverage physician time through risk clustering of patients and using physician extenders to improve practice economics (Private Company)
1995: Prediction of optimal pricing for a propane distributor and the creation of an intelligent system that can push such pricing to 600 retail locations on demand and on frequency (Propane Company)
1996: Optimization of the manufacturing timing, quantity, and design features by predicting demand patterns, price elasticity, and the actions likely taken by competitors (printing press manufacturer)
1997: Creation of one of the largest simulation models in pharmaceutical R&D, capable of predicting outcomes of projects based on characteristics and using that to budget $4 Bil/year (Pharma Company)
1999: Development of a valuation process for complex R&D projects as a basket of interacting derivatives, technical risks and cash flows using simulation and dynamic programming (Pharma Company) 
2001: Economic analysis of next-generation space vehicle program to assess societal benefits, risk, and value of design choices and revenue objectives including space tourism (Aerospace Company)
2002: Economic valuation of Employee Stock Options by predicting early exercise based on historical data on employee behavior and known constraints on liquidity and exercise timing (FASB)
2003: Predictive analytics and economics for the pricing of underwater pumps and the design of insurance contracts by predicting failure using historical data to maximize value (Energy Company)
2004: Fully automated hedge fund that collects information from the web to make trading decisions, executes trades through ECNs and dynamically learn from past trades (DO Asset Management)
2005: Optimization of manufacturing batch sizes by predicting demand patterns from historical data and considering logistical constraints and value loss due to possible delays (Pharmaceutical Company)
2006: Prediction of manufacturing demand of R&D substances, optimum internal manufacturing capacity and the design of outsourcing contracts considering various features (Pharmaceutical Company)
2007: Prediction of outcomes in various available legal strategies in a patent infringement case and the selection of the best strategy by the economic valuation of all uncertainties (Biotechnology Company)
2008: Prediction of the probability of success, expected duration before failure and overall resource needs and rate of spending using program characteristics and historical data (Pharmaceutical Company)
2009: Predictive and stochastic analysis of inputs in concentrating solar power plant for the valuation of the hybrid plant and the prediction of optimum operating policies to maximize value (Private Equity)
2010: Predictive model for the timing and size of clinical trials, optimum design of trials considering resource constraints, availability of investigators and other constraints (Biotechnology Company)
2011: Prediction of redemption patterns by employees given rewards using historical patterns, the design of the best reward features and the value of the overall portfolio due to breakage (Employee Rewards)
2012: Prediction of protocol deviation probabilities in clinical trials in R&D at the inception of studies and the design of protocols including size and locations to minimize all deviations (Pharmaceuticals)
2013: Prediction of costs savings by providing counseling to geriatric patients at intake based on patient characteristics and the selection of patients recommended for counseling (Academic Hospital)
2014: Prediction of food and workplace safety events and productivity in food manufacturing and the design of a manufacturing plan to maximize productivity and minimize safety risk (Food Manufacturing)
2014: Prediction of the probability of approval of specific patent applications as well as the probability of maintenance of issued patents using unstructured data from applications and filings (Consulting firm)
2015: Prediction of the size and quality of agricultural inputs coming from across the country into a manufacturing process and the optimization of manufacturing and packaging plans (Food Manufacturing)
2016: Prediction of the probability of litigation for specific patents and the likely number and timing of litigation based on historical data on patent characteristics and past litigations (Hedge Fund)
2017: Design of a system for automated matching of patients to therapists to improve outcomes, reduce the length of stay and number of visits and overall reduce the cost per episode (Independent clinic)
2017: Prediction of the onset of diseases before diagnosis and the probability of improvements post-diagnosis for proactive interventions to prevent diseases and to improve outcomes (Primary care clinic)
2018: Forecasting of SKU demand for a manufacturer using machine learning to substantially reduce forecast errors produced by the ERP system and the use of the forecasts to reduce inventory (automotive)
2018: Risk clustering of patients based on EMR, claims, hospital data and scheduling of high-risk patients to avoid high-cost interventions given physician availability and patient behavior (Primary care clinic)

Sample clients


AB Science
Alchemy Systems
Boston Consulting Group
Charles River Assoc.
Corporate Rewards
Do Asset Management
Grundman Advisory
John Deere
Milkhaus Laboratories
Seaflower Ventures
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
Syngenta Corp.
Torch Hill IP
University of Illionois




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